Family Portrait Session with James, Felicia and Jun Rui

After what seemed to be age immemorable, the forlorn monsoon clouds had finally parted sufficiently to allow some velvety smooth sunshine through. What better opportunity to take some beautiful photograph of the lovely family of James, Felicia and Jun Rui at Henderson Waves! 


Jun Rui was initially rather apprehensive of me despite my signature huge smiles *grins* and my attempts to establish some trust with him ;__; I switched to my back-up plan by.. maintaining distance with him! 

I find the process a rather enjoyable one: anticipating and capturing the fleeting moment is very similar to street photography which I practice extensively during my travel time.  Photos taken this way brims with beautiful spontaneity and I am thrilled by the fast action shooting.

As the shot progresses, Jun Rui began to ease a little and I was able to catch one of his happy shot :)

The gorgeous setting sun accentuated the ethereal atmosphere by providing other-wordly separation light for the family.

It was definitely a fun family portrait session and I am really, really honored to have this chance to take the family portraits of this awesome family! A shout out of thanks to James, Felicia and of course cute little Jun Rui :) 

Till next time!