Night Portrait at Clarke Quay

Featuring a solo night portrait session in Clarke Quay Singapore! Clarke Quay is among the most popular and frequented nightlife destination in Singapore due to the large variety of river side restaurants and bars. The ubiquitous light sources are also an excellent source of beautiful bokeh balls!

Xiu Wen the Model

Challenges of night portraits include the need to balance ambient exposure with the subject lighting: if one shots at too fast of a shutter speed, the surrounding becomes nothing but abyssal darkness that adds no interest to the portrait (at least for my style, of course). 

The lack of assistance means my tripod is conscripted for lightstand duty. To compensate for that, higher ISO, lower shutter speed and large aperture is essential. Batis 85mm, with its hyper effective optical steady shot and f/1.8 aperture, performed really well in the aperture and shutter speed front while Sony a7 yields fine and beautiful noise grains even when I shot at around ISO 2000.

Of course, one can always pick a location with more artificial lighting to provide more kick for the ambient light. On one of the bridge, the purple artificial lights added a whole different dimension to the portraits by accentuating the key colour: violet.

The wide angle newcomer, Batis 2.8/18mm, also made its debut for wide-angle portraiture. I wanted to show the surrounding that the model is in and the wide angle prime lens provided astounding amount of resolution for the model even wide open at f/2.8. 

As June holiday approaches, more portraiture sessions are sure to come, so stay tuned! You can also check out my other blogpost and portfolio to see more of my work :)