Sunday with Water Lilies, Singapore

During that faithful Sunday morning, I woke up in the ungoldly morning hours (4:30 a.m! On a SUNDAY!) and travelled down town Singapore to cure my weekend wanderlust and burning desire to practice my craft. 

While I am all geared up for a sunrise over Gardens by the Bay that I have pictured in my sleepy mind, It was a disastrous flop when I arrived on the view deck: The whole world was enveloped in a white haze envenomed with a strong charcoal whiff. Whelp. I should have started more photography projects unaffected by the whims of Singapore's slash-and-burn neighbours. 

I tarried longer than I should around the Marina Bay Sands area out of frustration and as luck would have it, I discovered this...

No Lotus below the Big Lotus (Art Science Museum)

Now, that was the first time I visited the Lilly Pond of Art Science Museum in the morning (I usually patronise this area in the evening). I was pleasantly surprised by how the morning sun had blessed the variety of Blue Star Water Lilies with a beautiful and delicate light that brought out their reserved tenderness.

I bent all my mind to collect the light of this scene with the Zeiss Batis 1.8/85mm lens: a short telephoto lens so ridiculously sharp and offers bokeh creamy enough to make the Heaven sing. The subject isolation of the 85mm lens also worked wonderfully well for flower photography in the relatively busy background of the Water Lilies Pond.

The strong contrast of the scene was also perfect for some black and white photography as area of highest contrast becomes a viable composition tool.

Cultured arabesque

Cultured arabesque

Speaking of composition, I have been trying to improve my skill in using Arabesque (elements in a photo that arranges itself into a sweeping, wave like pattern) as a design element. This is one of my attempt where the purple lilies and bokeh-balls arranged themselves into curve. 

I hope you enjoyed the photos and the short musing as much as I (or the three little bees) enjoy the beautiful display of those water lilies ;) More portraits and documentary related blog post to come in the coming weeks!